Hey there! I’m Leah Suzette Noumoff, fine artist, designer, amateur writer, dog mom of two, self-proclaimed chef, avid Dungeons and Dragons player, and content creation extraordinaire.

But you can just call me Leah.

Since I could pick up crayons, I’ve been drawing and creating. There was never any doubt that I was going to be an artist. Art and design are more than my passion. Strong visual communication and perfectly curated aesthetics are the foundation for who I am and what I do as an artist.

Generally, my work seeks to capture the provocative imbalance of human nature through the use of gestural and impulsive brush work, raw and poetic typographic elements and compositional collage.

Unrestricted by medium, my work serves to represent my rebellious spirit and experimental attitude towards art making. I hate trying to fit into any mold or box.

Specifically, by using re-purposed, cheap and/or found materials such as magazine clippings, photos, collected items – even some of my canvases and frames – in conjunction with more traditional materials like paint, my work directly represents my fascination with diverse parts coming together to form a new whole – a theme that is representative of growth, self-expression and identity – on both a macro and micro level.

Additionally, my work explores attention to the formal aspects of light, composition and space, making the viewer aware of my thoughtful hand in every piece.

Over the years I’ve developed an abiding interest in existential philosophy and by extension, the psychology behind our internal traumas and moral struggles – the heart vs. the head, the thinking vs. the feeling brain – engaged in a dance with one another.

My work’s ability to draw viewers in and bring their attention to the detail and emotion, the light playing with (not against) the dark, the organic forms and natural textures juxtaposed with representational collage elements suggest that, for me anyway, our relationship with the world and with each other is not merely black and white, but in fact, bursting with technicolor oneness, and acts as a reflection of our shared human experiences.




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